How does it work?

The road ahead is safer with Jaiva

What is the Jaiva app?

Jaiva App is mobile taxi-verification application which help taxi-users to identify whether a particular taxi is registered or not because unregistered taxis are used for criminal activities especially in Windhoek making it unsafe for the taxi users. 

In addition, the taxi-app gives you certain information that you need to match with the taxi standing in front of you and what makes us different, lies in the fact that taxi-app is using an accessible platform to promote safety and security in the transport Industry, which is limited in Namibia.

How it works?

Jaiva is mobile app that helps taxi users to Identify if the taxi is registered, the app uses are registration number which is on the side of the taxi and gives certain information such as:

  • Picture of driver:

  • Name of the driver: Mwandingi Jesaya

  • Vehicle description: Yellow Corolla

  • Vehicle registration number: N 788 W

  • Location of operation: Otjomuise


Benefits of using the Jaiva Mobile App:

Help to reduce criminal activities in respect to public transport in Windhoek

To make public transport a reliable mode of Transport

Help taxi users to Identify fake taxis which are associated with crime.

To enhance safety, and allow taxis user to feel and secured all the times.

What the app does:

The Jaiva app allows taxi users to Identify if the taxi is registered by matching the vehicle description, vehicle registration number and picture of the driver once the description is matching than the taxi is registered and the moment the description is not matching than the taxi is not registered. 

The Jaiva app allows taxi users to share the information of the vehicle to your friends and family and it allows you to report any suspicious activity to city police. In addition, it allows you to take pictures of suspicious taxis which you can share with friends.

Furthermore, the Jaiva app displays private shuttles around the city or the town which taxi users can use if they don’t want to use public transport.

The Jaiva app displays public announcement which notifies users any relevant information based on public transport.

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